Silje Steine

About Me

Hi! My name is Silje Steine and I am a singer/songwriter. I am from Bergen, but currently based in Trondheim, Norway. My debut album 'Open Up' will be released in 2024.

I started singing as soon as I learned to speak, been in choirs for several years throughout my childhood and adolescence, and when I was younger I would take every opportunity I got to perform. I have always been a creative soul who likes to express myself artistically through music, dance, theatre, poetry, painting, drawing, etc. From the start of my 20s, much of my creativity was put aside and my time was spent studying science and working several part-time jobs. During the COVID-pandemic I lost motivation for everything, entered a deep depression, and got burnt out. Music has always had a big and important role in my life, so when I took a year off from my studies, I let my creative sides come out again. Writing lyrics and singing gave me back a sense of purpose, and it became the only thing I wanted to do.

'Open Up' is a concept album where the goal of the project has been to turn unspoken and suppressed thoughts and feelings into music. I am a person who takes in many impressions, feels strongly and overthinks a lot, but rarely gets any of it out. People often describe me as quiet and reserved. The creative process started by turning some poems into songs, and once I got going, everything began to open up and a lot of what had been building up inside me came out in various artistic formats. I made a painting of myself with my head cut open, to symbolize how I wish I could open up my head and just let everything that filled me up flow out. I chose to use the painting as a visual representation of the concept, and thus also as an album cover. By sharing the finished product with the world, I hope to inspire others with a similar personality to find an outlet for everything that has been suppressed. Letting others listen is also an important last part of opening myself up, to take an active role in life and finally be heard and seen, instead of just being a silent observer of the world.